Sinusitis: Symptoms and Treatment

Sinusitis is a medical condition that can be described as the inflammation or swelling of tissues that form a lining on the sinuses. In a normal scenario, sinuses are usually filled with air but when they become clogged and fluids accumulates within them, germs from bacteria, fungi and even viruses can start growing causing an infection.

Types of sinusitis

Sinusitis is basically divided into 4 categories:

-Acute sinusitis characterized by a sudden onset of cold-like symptoms and facial pain. This condition can last for over 3 weeks

-Sub acute sinusitis-usually lasts for 4 to 8 weeks

-Chronic sinusitis- symptoms last for 8 weeks or longer and is characterized by extreme sinus infection

-Recurrent sinusitis- tends to recur over time


As mentioned earlier, sinusitis is usually brought about by blockage of the sinuses resulting in accumulation of fluids within the sinuses. Germs form bacteria, virus or fungi then develop within the clogged sinuses. However, individuals with the following conditions are more prone to developing sinusitis

-People with Common colds and runny noses which can bring about sinus blockages

-Individuals with nasal polyps

-Individuals with an immune deficiency

-Individuals with nasal structural differences causing the narrowing of the nasal drainage ducts

Signs and symptoms

Some of the signs and symptoms associated with this medical condition include

Pain and inflammation

This is the most common symptom associated with this condition. Infections of the sinus cause inflammation and a dull constant pain is usually felt on the affected sinuses


A greenish yellow discharge when blowing your nose. The discharge can also bypass the nose and go down the throat, a slight tingling is usually felt in this case


Brought about by the inflamed sinus

-Persistent cough

This usually irritates the throat causing sore throat


Brought about by the relentless swelling and sinus pressure


Antibiotics are generally prescribed to clear this condition. However, urgent care is required when the first symptoms for sinusitis are detected as this goes a long way in preventing an individual from developing chronic or recurrent sinusitis. As such, an urgent care center is the best place to go when diagnosed with such a condition. If you’re looking for an urgent care in El Paso, Tx. Summit Urgent Care has state of the art facilities and excellent doctors that can see you immediately.

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