Headaches: Are they a sign something else is wrong?

Headaches have always been a sign that something is not right within the body. From basic things such as stress, dehydration or hunger, to
something as serious as meningitis, the key symptom manifests in form of a dull ache in the head. Most of us ignore the pain in the hope that it
would go away but here are a few ways to identify the seriousness of the headache you have, what it symbolizes and whether you need to seek
urgent care.

Types of headaches

Migraines – They come and go, and they can be sudden. They can last up to more than two hours, and could be accompanied by nausea, vomiting or
vision problems.

Tension headaches – They are caused by hunger, anxiety, exhaustion or some tension in the muscles. They tend to fade off with time.

Medical-induced headaches – You may get addicted to some medicine, prompting a headache every time you do not get your daily dose. Sometimes the addiction could be to substances such as tea or coffee.

The above are just the basic types of headaches, but there are others which need a qualified medical doctor to do an examination to determine the root of the problem. Some of the reasons for a headache could be potentially fatal if not taken care of when the situation is still within control.

A sudden headache that escalates within minutes could be a sign of an aneurism or a burst blood vessel in the head.

A headache that is accompanied by chest pain and an unexplained exhaustion could be a symptom of cardiac cephalgia.

Meningitis is symbolized by a headache, pain in the neck or even some mental confusion.

Research has shown that people with a brain tumor may experience dull headaches. These situations should be diagnosed by a qualified medical professional. Summit Urgent Care has professional medical staff on hand to help you find out if your headaches are something more serious.
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