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Walk In Clinic in El Paso

Sickness and injuries never occur at a convenient time. When you need to be seen by a doctor right away, it can be so frustrating if there are no available appointments. Sometimes the stress can intensify the symptoms, making you feel even worse. It can take hours to be seen by a doctor at the emergency room. Typically, the wait can last for hours. Going to a local urgent care center can alleviate some of these annoyances. Summit Urgent Care

Physical Vaccination in El Paso

Frequently Asked Questions about TB tests If you are getting ready to travel to a particular place or if you have a child who is being asked to have a TB test taken then you may be wondering why this test and particular physical vaccination in El Paso is so important. Here are some frequently asked questions concerning the TB test that you might find helpful in understanding the role they play. What does a positive TB skin test result indicate? A positive