Walk In Clinic in El Paso

Sickness and injuries never occur at a convenient time. When you need to be seen by a doctor right away, it can be so frustrating if there are no available appointments. Sometimes the stress can intensify the symptoms, making you feel even worse. It can take hours to be seen by a doctor at the emergency room. Typically, the wait can last for hours. Going to a local urgent care center can alleviate some of these annoyances. Summit Urgent Care Clinic is a walk-in clinic in El Paso. They have a highly trained team of medical staff that are available to assist patients as they come in so nobody has to sit in a cold waiting room for hours.

Most doctors’ offices cannot take walk-ins. Illness and small injuries don’t always happen during office hours. Summit Urgent Care Clinic does not require an appointment in order to be seen. Like an emergency room, patients are seen on a first come, first served basis or by severity of the ailment. Going to a walk-in clinic in El Paso will save not only your time, but your money as well. They provide the highest quality medical care, like you would receive in any hospital. The staff are friendly and helpful and really care about the wellbeing of their patients.

Summit Urgent Care Clinic was the very first urgent care clinic in El Paso and has been providing excellent medical care since they first opened the doors. You will receive the best quality service and care, no matter what the reason may be for your visit. Why spend hundreds of dollars on heavy emergency room charges for a minor issue? You don’t have to. Please visit Summit Urgent Care Clinic at 1523 North Zaragoza or give them a call at (915)-857-4559.

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