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Frequently Asked Questions about TB tests

If you are getting ready to travel to a particular place or if you have a child who is being asked to have a TB test taken then you may be wondering why this test and particular physical vaccination in El Paso is so important. Here are some frequently asked questions concerning the TB test that you might find helpful in understanding the role they play.

What does a positive TB skin test result indicate?

A positive skin test means that a person has been exposed to TB germs sometime during his life. It does not indicate that a person has TB or is contagious.

When should a TB test be examined?

The skin test should be examined 48-72 hours after it is administered. It is acceptable to read the skin test up to 96 hours after administration if it is not possible to do it earlier.

Should a person who had a BCG vaccination get a TB skin test?

Yes. Not all BCG vaccinations are effective. A history of BCG vaccination does not exempt students or employees from the skin test.

When is TB contagious?

TB can be contagious in adolescents and adults who are coughing, have a positive skin test, and an abnormal chest X-ray. TB medications will make the person non-contagious very quickly. Because of the efficiency of TB medicines, patients are not quarantined and are usually able to return to school or work within several weeks.

The TB test and other physical vaccines in El Paso are readily accessible to obtain by health care providers such as Summit Urgent Care Center right here in El Paso. Remember to always take care of your health and your health will take care of you.

If you would like more information on getting a physical vaccination in El Paso, then contact Summit Urgent Care Center at (915) 857-4559 or come by our East Side location at 1523 N. Zaragosa El Paso, Texas 79936.

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