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It’s Time for Sports Physicals!

Here at Summit Urgent Care Center, we make sure your child or teenager is thoroughly examined and health concerns are addressed before providing clearance to play on a school sports team. We understand the importance of looking at the family medical history as well as the current state of health of the child and lifestyle habits that may interfere with optimal health. Click here to read more:

Sports Physicals in El Paso

  Do you remember the first time you tried out for a school sports team and got accepted? It was probably a moment of sheer elation where your talent and skill were sure to shine while making new friends and representing your school all across the city of El Paso. Now it’s your child or teenager’s turn to shine! Sports physicals are a mandatory step before your child’s team spirit can be played out on the court or field. Click here to

Getting Vaccinated in El Paso

School might have already started but that does not mean you should not start thinking about physical vaccinations for the remainder of the school year. It is very important that your children are vaccinated to protect from getting sick in the future. Some of the more common vaccinations that your child should get at some point include: tetanus/diphtheria booster, hepatitis B and influenza vaccinations. The purpose of a tetanus/diphtheria booster vaccination is to protect your child from the disease, diphtheria. This disease

Minor Accidents in El Paso

What Is Considered a Minor Emergency? Accidents happen everyday in El Paso and anyone can be at risk of experiencing a minor medical emergency. But how do you know when to visit the ER and when to get urgent care in El Paso from Summit Urgent Care Center? First off, it’s helpful to understand that urgent care in El Paso is set up to assist patients with an illness or injury that does not appear to be life-threatening, but also can’t wait

Recommended Urgent Care Clinic in El Paso

urgent care center el paso tx There are times when we feel ill, have odd symptoms, or need stitches for a small wound. Sometimes these things happen outside of our primary care physician’s office hours. Most doctors’ offices can’t take walk-ins, and if they do, the wait can be long. When you need medical attention for minor everyday ailments, there is an urgent care clinic in El Paso that can help you out. Summit Urgent Care Clinic does not require

Walk In Clinic in El Paso

Sickness and injuries never occur at a convenient time. When you need to be seen by a doctor right away, it can be so frustrating if there are no available appointments. Sometimes the stress can intensify the symptoms, making you feel even worse. It can take hours to be seen by a doctor at the emergency room. Typically, the wait can last for hours. Going to a local urgent care center can alleviate some of these annoyances. Summit Urgent Care