Getting Vaccinated in El Paso

School might have already started but that does not mean you should not start thinking about physical vaccinations for the remainder of the school year. It is very important that your children are vaccinated to protect from getting sick in the future.

Some of the more common vaccinations that your child should get at some point include: tetanus/diphtheria booster, hepatitis B and influenza vaccinations.

The purpose of a tetanus/diphtheria booster vaccination is to protect your child from the disease, diphtheria. This disease can be spread through the air or through direct contact. The symptoms of this disease can include a sore throat, mild fever, weakness and swollen glands in the neck area. If this disease is not treated it can lead to the swelling of the heart muscle, heart failure, coma, paralysis and even death.

The hepatitis B vaccination is a series of three different shots. The way this disease is passed along is through contact with blood or body fluids. This disease can lead to chronic liver infection, liver failure or liver cancer. One of the most obvious symptoms is the yellowing of the skin and eyes.

And lastly, the influenza vaccination is important because children are one of the most susceptible age groups to catch this bug. The city of El Paso saw the number of overall influenza cases in the thousands for this past flu season.

If you would like to know more about physical vaccinations in El Paso, feel free to contact us here at the Summit Urgent Care Center. Our phone number is 915.857.4559. And we are located on the east side of town at 1523 N. Zaragoza.

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