El Paso

Physical Vaccination in El Paso

There is an easier way to get a physical vaccination in El Paso. You can visit an urgent care clinic. Summit Urgent Care offers patients a physical vaccination in El Paso at any time. You can simply make an appointment or come to the urgent care clinic and explain your needs. The prices is generally affordable for most patients and you can be in-and-out with your physical completed and your vaccinations done with minimal hassle. Find out more: http://goo.gl/ygn7hO  

It’s Time for Sports Physicals!

Here at Summit Urgent Care Center, we make sure your child or teenager is thoroughly examined and health concerns are addressed before providing clearance to play on a school sports team. We understand the importance of looking at the family medical history as well as the current state of health of the child and lifestyle habits that may interfere with optimal health. Click here to read more: http://goo.gl/4mwYAI

Sports Physicals in El Paso

  Do you remember the first time you tried out for a school sports team and got accepted? It was probably a moment of sheer elation where your talent and skill were sure to shine while making new friends and representing your school all across the city of El Paso. Now it’s your child or teenager’s turn to shine! Sports physicals are a mandatory step before your child’s team spirit can be played out on the court or field. Click here to